Listen Up!

Some activities are great in pairs. For instance, listening to music while cooking or taking in a podcast while riding an exercise bike go well together. Pick your activities to pair with these recommendations.

Music for Relaxing

If you love opera with a mix of easy listening, get a copy of Amara Frances’s CD Angel. Among the fourteen songs on the CD, are:

L’ Ultima Notte

Un Giorno Per Noi

Because We Believe

You Raise Me Up

Over the Rainbow

To snag one of these hidden gems, contact

Ready for Something Scary?

If you want to delve into the unusual side of human behavior, check out the iScary Podcast on Spotify, hosted by Ann Kimbrough. The podcasts are less than a half hour and briefly cover two news stories taken from the legitimate newspapers. A discussion with a guest host follows each story. The content can be anywhere from a “bit odd” to gruesome, but the hosts bring up good points that make you scratch your head and eventually wind up laughing. Some of the podcast titles include:

Bad Neighbors

Strange Things

Ghost Stories

Scan the QR code or follow the link to get iScary.

Listen and Watch

Finally, if you just have a couple of minutes to kill, and usually find yourself scrolling through TikTok to pass the time, take a look and listen to the Reno Red: Reckless book trailer at the bottom of the blog. It’s guaranteed to give you a laugh—or at least, make you shake your head. By the way, everybody’s favorite vegan vampire is back in book 2 Reno Red: Coming Up Roses.

Get busy with your multitasking! Feel free to leave a comment.

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