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A few months back, I posted a “Sock Balls and Other Stuff” post, showcasing some pet peeves. One of the gems that made my list is the printing, or rather bad printing, of expiration dates on food packaging. It baffles me even more when the dates are unreadable on medicine containers.

Example one is a perfect expiration date. Contrasting colors in a large print.

Example two is also clear—white text on a brown lid. However, the same white text is used on the light blue lid. That doesn’t work.

When companies clearly state to “use by the expiration date,” they should make sure their consumers can actually find and read that date. Don’t you think?

I’ve covered the stamp-on dates before. They suck. Companies spend a lot on marketing, have your marketing team work on date placement, please and thank you.

Once again, if I can’t find or read the date on a product, I will replace it on the shelf and get another product. Expiration dates should be an important part of packaging instead of a last-minute add-on.

Okay, I won’t mention bad packaging again in this blog, but I’d love (maybe) your comments.

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I am an author of children's books. I love animals, especially wolves, painting, tennis and keeping busy. If it involves pirates or zombies...I'm interested.

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