Another Indie Book Winner

Another Dead Intern is a humorous dark comedy by Joel Spriggs. It’s for readers who love “absurd detective comedies, macabre humor, and paranormal investigations,” which I do. It is also relatively short at 216 pages, which I also like. I give it a solid four and a half stars. The book kept me entertained and was hard for me to put down.

The Main Characters

Hemlock Connal, a half-Sidhe (fae)/half human is actually Sidhe royalty. However, she has been banished from the Sidhe for several years as a punishment for a prank and doesn’t have all of her magical abilities. As a PI (Preternatural Investigator) in Boston, she handles the usual investigator cases, such as tracking cheating spouses, only her clientele are supernatural beings. For some reason, all of her interns are getting killed on the job. Enter Morgan Burns, her fourth new intern. He’s a human fresh in town from Indiana and very clueless about supernatural anything. He’s just out of college and looking for something exciting and dangerous. He’s found it. Hemlock and Morgan take on a client that runs the Irish mob, and the case involves a dead drug dealer.

Fun and Gruesome

The main characters are likeable and well-rounded, and their investigation turns up a batch of interesting secondary characters. Alice the pixie is a trip. The description of her eating lunch paints a perfect picture of this grubby little creature. Bob and the rest of the riders also a nice touch. There is a lot to like in this book, but my favorite part has to be the lecture Hemlock gives Morgan. “Let me clue you in to one of the biggest lies ever pushed on women’s fashion. Pockets.” She goes on to state (and it’s spot on) “If there is a pocket, it’s either too small or tight to be useful.” Hemlock’s solution to the “pocket problem” is very creative, as is many of the supernatural elements.

I recommend this book, and I already purchased the sequel.


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