‘Tis the Season of the Witch

Halloween is in the air. Skeletons and pumpkins line store shelves and are scattered in front yards. Scary movies run non-stop for horror junkies in October. The latest anthology through WolfSinger Publications—Never Cheat a Witch—is available just in time for Halloween. Filled with spooky and funny short stories, these creative witch tales will get you into a seasonal mode.

Discounts and Links

Anthologies are a great way to get a variety of stories and author styles in one book. At the reasonable price of $15 for a paperback and $6.95 for an eBook, the anthology makes a great read for yourself or the perfect gift for the bibliophile on your gift-giving list.

If you pick up a paperback copy of Never Cheat a Witch before 11/15/2022, you can get a 25% discount, using the discount code NewReleaseWitch at the WolfSinger Publications website.

If eBooks are your choice, download a copy from Smashwords. The coupon code FG24V will give you 25% off the cover price of $6.95. This discount is also valid to 11/15/2022.

Support Indie Authors

By making purchases through small publishers, you are making a difference in supporting small businesses and indie authors. Your support is very much appreciated.

A pirate, lawyer, farmers, and others tried their best to cheat a witch. How did it turn out for them—buy a copy of Never Cheat a Witch to find out.



About twkirchner

I am an author of children's books. I love animals, especially wolves, painting, tennis and keeping busy. If it involves pirates or zombies...I'm interested.

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