It’s Elementary

The stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are getting a reboot. As graphic novels, the Text Me Mystery series is meant to engage younger audiences. Sherlock & Watson Re-Wired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Ann Kimbrough book 2 is the latest release in the series. Sherlock & Watson Ablaze will be available in the upcoming months.

Check out the Travels With Sherlock website to find out about the books and the Holmes, Doyle, & Friends Conference in March 2023.

Anthology Sale!

Tales from the Fluffy Bunny, a collection of hilarious stories told at the Fluffy Bunny bar, is on sale this week only on Amazon. For four bucks and change, you will be happily entertained by a plethora of authors. So pull up a stool, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and place an order to get yourself a copy or give one as a gift.

Book Reviews

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper is book 1 in The Witches of Thistle Grove series.

Thistle Grove is a town brimming in witches and witchcraft. It is steeped in tradition upheld by a group of magical families for generations. One witch, Emmy Harlow, has distanced herself from Thistle Grove, even at the cost of losing her magic and close friendships. All the witches who live in the town would lose their magic if they left, so they don’t. However, some prominent witch families have more power than others. Emmy’s family isn’t one of them—or so she believes. After ten years of trying to run from being a witch and starting a magicless life, she returns for what she anticipates will be a quick visit.

Lana Harper puts you in the town and gives you a clear look into Emmy’s past and why she ran from it. The tale of her discovery, rekindling old friendships and mending others kept me turning pages.


Happiness Starts with You is a quick read with many positive messages. Let’s face it. Challenges will always come up, and we can use a reminder that we are in charge of our own happiness.

The book talks about ideals that should be the focus of obtaining a joyful outlook. Being grateful and appreciative of family, friendships, love, and nature is a start. It covers getting out of a rut and stepping out of our comfort zone to follow our dreams. The book gives tips on making a plan, following mini goals, and facing fears.

With tips for growth, combating bad habits, managing stress, and building positive relationships, Happiness Starts With You makes you think about how to increase the happiness in your life. I really liked the section about paying it forward. It builds a better world. You can pick up a copy at

New TV Shows

If you’re looking for a new TV series to follow, here’s a few new shows that I like.

So Help Me Todd – A legal drama that has a lot of comedy. It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite shows, Psych. It’s about a thirtyish ex-private eye who ran into some bad luck and is now doing detective work for his lawyer mother at the law firm where she works. He never plays by the rules. Laugh out loud funny.

Alaska Daily – A drama series about the journalists who work at a small newspaper in Anchorage. The paper gets a bit of a shake up when a big city journalist gets hired.

Will Trent – Based on the Will Trent book series by Karin Slaughter. In this crime/drama series, GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) agent Will Trent has a very traumatic past. He also hides his dyslexia and his inability to read. By determination and honing his skills, he’s become a very good detective. His rescue dog, Betty, is adorable.

If you like any of my suggestions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment.


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