Songs About Getting Off the Grid

I like many types of music, but country is probably the genre I listen to the most. I’ve been updating my playlists, and the following is a small percentage of the songs that made it. I’ve added a line or two from each song that sticks with me. By the way, it’s just country this time.

These new releases point out the truth about the strangeness going on.

Same Beer Different Problem – Darius Rucker

Granny’s eatin’ gummies, mama’s online

All I know for sure is we’ve all lost our minds (ain’t that the truth)

Out Yonder – Elle King

It’s all this he-said, she-said
Always two sides and the truth
There’s so much $hit around these parts
Gonna get some on your boots (also true)

Strange – Miranda Lambert

Country don’t twang, rock and roll ain’t loud
Every elevator only ever goes down
Everybody’s looking for a little cheap fame, yeah
And times like these make me feel strange (that’s cause these times are strange)

Songs about women who are not going to be held back.

Thrive – Cassadee Pope

You were a bullet that I dodged, a sickness that I never caught
A building burning down and I can see that now (she told him)

Raised Right – Reyna Roberts

My daddy taught me how to give
More than I take, but don’t take no $hit
I flip that switch, call me crazy if you wanna
But y’all never met my mama (fair warning)

Songs about love and family.

Put ‘Em On Mine – Riley Green

If you wanna draw hearts on a window
Play a song on the radio
Put your bare feet on a dashboard
Baby, that’s what I’m here for
You can put ’em on mine (awww, he’s just sweet)

Down Home – Jimmie Allen

I still hate that you’re gone
I wish you were here
But I hope I’m making you proud
‘Cause I know you’re up there lookin’ down home (hits home)

Miscellaneous songs about a free spirit, and a preacher with a side job.

Wild as Her – Corey Kent

She never wanted to be white-picket fenced in
Her heart’s like a feather in a Tulsa wind (it’s a really catchy opening)

Holy Water – Michael Ray

Jar tops twist when the sun starts settin’
It burns like hell, get you high like heaven, and Lord
Have mercy if they knew where they were gettin’
That holy water (a lucrative side job…)

With Memorial Day weekend up ahead, many people will be on the road. Here is a list of new and old songs about getting off the grid.

Don’t Come Lookin’ – Jackson Dean

So long, four wheels turning
Got a tank full of gas, down the road I’m burning
Can’t say I would and I can’t say I wouldn’t
If I don’t come back, don’t come lookin’ (that’s how I feel when I’m hitting the road)

Lost – Chris Young

Come on, baby, let’s go
When we get there we’ll know
No bars on the cell phone
Sounds good to me (Me, too)

One of my all-time favorites…

Heads Carolina, Tails California – Jo Dee Messina (by the way, Cole Swindell has a good new song based off this called She Had Me at Heads Carolina)

Heads Carolina, tails California
Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer
Up in the mountains, down by the ocean
Where it don’t matter, long as we’re goin’ (It’s so tempting to flip that coin…)

Blacktop Gone – Jason Aldean

Blacktop gone, four lane fast
Topping off the tank with some never look back
Chase that sun, race that wind
With them horses that you can’t fence in (f.r.e.e.d.o.m)

Where the Blacktop Ends – Keith Urban

So come on
Give me some fresh air give me that farm
Give me some time with you in my arms
Far away from the hustle and the pressure and the noise (Off the clock and outside)

If you have any song suggestions or requests for other lists, drop a comment.

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