Book Review – Cozy Mystery

I don’t usually read books on Kindle, but Adventures of a Vegan Vamp by Cate Lawley was a free download and it sounded interesting. The book turned out to be a fun read and kept me entertained from beginning to end. I posted a 5-star rating on Amazon, although it was closer to 4.5 stars. The beginning is a little repetitive, but the rest of the story flows well. 

It tells the story of Mallory, a mid-thirties workaholic who doesn’t seem very happy with life, although she has a job, home, and car she likes. She doesn’t feel that her co-workers like her, but she doesn’t seem to make a huge effort to like them either. Despite the lack of friendliness at work, they occasionally go out to a bar for drinks–it seems Mallory is invited because she picks up the tab.

Following a vampire attack, she’s thrown into a world she didn’t know existed and is forced to change her lifestyle. She doesn’t do it very gracefully, but hangry and undead wouldn’t sit well with most people. Mallory meets other supernatural beings who help her adjust to her new life. They not only encourage her to find the rogue vampire but provide assistance. Lawley makes the secondary characters come to life. Alex (possibly a wizard) is especially interesting. He is very secretive about his background throughout the story, which made me want to know more about him.

Without giving away too much, Mallory ends the story happier than she started, except for the fact she can’t eat meat or dairy. I didn’t find it to be a cliffhanger, despite what some other reviewers posted. The mystery was completely wrapped up, and a new story was hinted at in the end. There are eight books in the Vegan Vamp series, but Cate Lawley has several other series that also seem like fun reads.

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