April Blog Challenge “Art”

blog about it challengeThe Herd blog challenge continues with the theme of Art.

I decided to display art created by my talented artist friends. Most of the featured artists I met through my Nevada Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators group, and they have illustrated children’s books. One of the artists I met playing tennis and another I met from her book review blog. I have listed their websites where you can check out more of their amazing work. Enjoy!

Mayumi Kosaka has several books available featuring her wonderful artwork. Her stories and paintings are influenced from her native Japan.

Mayumi Art

Phyllis Mignard creates fun characters. For her book Draw Color Write (author Ann Pashak illustrator Phyllis Mignard), she created adorable Ro-Bits. Some are shown below.

 Phyllis art


Sharon Mann creates fantastic art with material as well as paint, pens, and graphics. She has a creative blog, Make Art Magic Happens where you can get a daily dose of art. She has illustrated many books including  Draw Doodle Color Write (author Ann Pashak illustrator Sharon Mann).   

 Sharon Art

Sharleen Collicott has written and illustrated several picture book series. Her illustrations are adorable, and she can even make bugs look cute.

Mildred and Sam series  

Toestomper and the Caterpillars   

Toestomper and the Bad Butterflies   

Seeing Stars   

 Sharleen Art

 Jerry Blank is not only artistic, but he has one heck of a tennis forehand. His new non-fiction, illustrated book is titled Backroads Nevada. The book delves into what you can find off the state’s major highways along with pen and ink and watercolor illustrations by Jerry.

Currently, he’s not selling paintings online, but you can contact him directly at http://www.goblankart.com/. 

Jazz Impressions: oil on canvas, framed, 48”x30″, Celebration:  oil on canvas, framed, 48”x30″, Tango: oil on canvas, 28”x40″, Lennon: Mixed media original. 22”x28”, Pirates: Mixed media original, 22”x28″, Einstein: oil on canvas, 20″x20″

 Jerry Art.jpg

Natasha Murray  lives in England. She is the author of several books including 3004 and Jack Solar’s Journal. Her Authors, Readers, Good Books and Book Promotions blog features book reviews (she provides free reviews to indie authors-check her guidelines) and author interviews as well as a page of book promotion ideas. Check out her books on the blog, too!     

Natasha Murray Art


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I am an author of children's books. I love animals, especially wolves, painting, tennis and keeping busy. If it involves pirates or zombies...I'm interested.

11 responses to “April Blog Challenge “Art””

  1. Sharon Mann says :

    Thank you Tina, this is awesome. I’m very honored to be on your blog and in the company of all of these fabulous artists. -Sharon

  2. twkirchner says :

    I love your art. It wouldn’t be an art blog without you!

  3. Patricia Liba says :

    really great stuff, Tina. Glad Mayumi is a part of this. So many talented people and interesting takes on about everything. Thanks! Pat

    > WordPress.com

  4. twkirchner says :

    Thank you for stopping by!

  5. David McMullin says :

    So much talent here, Tina. Thanks for sharing their work.

  6. Hazel w/Craves the Angst Book Blog says :

    This is wonderful! I love all the different ones displayed, especially the oils!

  7. Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... says :

    The painting of the koi pond is very cool. I also like the one of the bamboo forest. I just didn’t care for the roosters in it. LOL!

    Visiting from Blog All About It

  8. Carole Rae says :

    Oh! Some good ones you shared. 😀

  9. twkirchner says :

    Glad you like them.

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