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Cupids Tag

Cupid’s Book-Lover Tag

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Abbie Lu

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Cupid’s Book-Lover Tag

The Rules:
1. Tag the creator (AbbieLu @ Cafe Book Bean) 2. Have fun answering the questions. 3. Tag 5-10 people to join in the fun. 4. Thank & link those who tag you. 5. Don’t worry about the rules!
You don’t need to be tagged to participate.
Love is in the air!

1) Favorite Love-Story book?

I couldn’t come up with one. That’s pretty sad.

2) Share your best Valentine’s Day memory?

My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.

3) Favorite fictional hero/heroine?

For movies: Superhero would be Thor, otherwise Indiana Jones

4). What story has the best most memorable romantic moment; kiss, proposal, etc.?

Not sure on this one.

5) What is your all time favorite Romantic movie?

The Princess Bride followed by Pretty Woman

6) You can go anywhere for a romantic getaway (fiction or non-fiction,) where do you go?

Any of these places

7) Who do you want to be your valentine?

My hubby

8) Chocolate or flowers?

Dark chocolate or living or cut flowers…not picky about that

9) Novels: Romance or Adventure?


10) What fictional villain, do you secretly love?

I wouldn’t say love, but Jack Sparrow is interesting…is he really a villain?

Let the tagging begin:


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I am an author of children's books. I love animals, especially wolves, painting, tennis and keeping busy. If it involves pirates or zombies...I'm interested.

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