In Between Writing

I could never be bored. When I’m not at work, doing things with or for my family, or taking care of my miniature zoo of pets, I love to write, paint, play tennis, go to yoga, work out, read, garden, walk the dogs, hike…I think you get my point. So much to do and not enough time.

Creating a blog takes up some of that precious time, but I enjoy posting every so often. You may have caught one of my posts about writing, but this time, I’m going to share some of my artwork. I enjoy dabbling in all types of media, but watercolor in probably my favorite.


Covered Bridge

The covered bridge in an actual working bridge in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The portrait is of Murphy. If you like my paintings, click here to see more.

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About twkirchner

I am an author of children's books. I love animals, especially wolves, painting, tennis and keeping busy. If it involves pirates or zombies...I'm interested.

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